Find your way to clarity, to confidence, to a meaningful life. Find Your Playlist Matthew Angelo Cybulski is an author, transformational coach, speaker and entrepreneur. After graduating college, he spent time in customer service, financial, and sales fields, including many successful years in management roles. However, his professional career was intertwined with a rock-star lifestyle fueled by low self-esteem, depression, and addiction for nearly two decades. This memoir represents his path out of struggles with music as his guide. This book sets out to prove that an “average Joe” can completely change his or her mindset, goals, and lifestyle to help discover what holds us back, keeps us average, and denies us the life we truly desire. This book will help you: Identify your personal demons/ struggles. Answer the question of whether you are living life or just existing. Understand how music can improve and change your life. Become inspired to “Find Your Playlist.”

Find your