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7 steps to Goal Setting

You rarely just get in you car and drive. Why?

Well one, because gas isn’t cheap anymore, and two, because when getting in a car or plane or train or any mode of transportation, you usually have a destination in mind.

Well the same applies to achievement.

You rarely achieve something by mistake.

You set a goal and then work to obtain it.

Or something along those lines.

All too often, myself included, we have an idea of where we want to go or what we would like to achieve. Sometimes I am even afraid to make something a goal, because, "what if I fail?"

However, more often than not, those ideas stay exactly that, ideas or thoughts. In fact few people achieve what they actually want, not from lack of wanting or at times even trying, but rather from lack of clarity.

This is where I am at personally with some things especially with this whole COVID mess.

I have things I want to do, places I want to go and things I’d like to see happen. They never will however, without setting the goal to achieve.

Without writing that goal down, putting it on paper somewhere and placing somewhere where I can see it often. But that in and of itself is not enough. Not by along shot.

A quote I heard yesterday from a mentor resonated with me:

“You can do goal setting with a pencil, but you have to do goal getting with your legs.”

-John C. Maxwell

Visualizing your goals and then writing them down is a must.

Even more than that though, is the application of those goals, the action.

Everything is merely a thought until action is applied to those thoughts and ideas. I have a lot of thoughts, good ideas and even plans, but without the action behind them they lay stagnant in mind or on a piece of paper.

We can have anything we want, but only if we are willing to work at it.

That can be not enough either though. Working foolishly without a guide, destination or a plan can cause you to spin your wheels.

So when it comes to goal setting, clarity is important, but taking action is critical.

Then mind is the pencil, the action is the legs. Without the legs, the goal has nothing to stand on.

So many of us have goals, vision, thoughts in our mind of how we would like life to look for us. And that is where they stay.

Everyone wants to lose weight.

Everyone wants more money. Everyone wants to do what they love.

Everyone wants to be better at something.

Here are 7 steps to achieve your goals:

  • Think- think long and hard about it ( give it time to grow)

  • Visualize it - ( literally close your eyes and see yourself in that position or living that situation)

  • Write it down - put the pen (or pencil ) to paper. Make it a real live thing.

  • Plan it out - what, how when where? Strategize the steps needed to accomplish that goal.

  • Accountability - show it to someone, anyone you know will hold you to it.

  • Expiration date - give it a deadline, a cutoff period. Without a finish line you may find yourself continually running in place.

  • Act- give it legs. Put in the work, and this includes the stuff that is uncomfortable as hell.

I too needed to hear this very message today. I will be working on goals for me and my business, all of which are to give my family the best life possible.

We all have things that we are blessed with. Focus on those, live in abundance and set your sights high.

You’ve got this! If I can help in any way, please let me know!

Peace & love,

Matty Ice

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