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Are you going to let it slip...

Are you gonna let it slip away??

We all know the lyrics from the Eminem hit “Lose Yourself.”

One shot. One opportunity.

And the rest is history. An iconic song that garners the attention it gets because it is poetically powerful. And TRUE.

But also a lie. I say that because everyday, every choice, every decision is an opportunity.

A chance to get it right, whatever it is for you.

I know how you feel though. I’ve gotten it wrong. A lot. And I continue to do so.

I’ll get it wrong again. What I won’t do is let it slip away.

I believe the intention of the song was to illustrate the fact that we all get one shot, one kick at the can, one dash, one of the game called life.

And he asks if you’re going to let it slip away. And that goes for every opportunity that comes before you. The good thing is that each new day is a new opportunity, another chance, another shot to get it right.

Or at least try.

To continue with the theme or my blogs and content for the week, the question remains, are you going to sit on your hands and pout?

Or are you going to get up, face the day and make the very best of whatever comes you way?

Again, we have a choice; that is the beauty of being alive.

No matter what obstacles have come your way this year, you have a choice. Let those obstacles win and define you, your year, your life. Or decide that you will overcome them and YOU will DEFINE your health, your body, your career, your relationships.

Easier said than done.

But that’s life. You get one shot at it. Do.

Not. Miss.




You got this. Now lets go get it!!

Peace & love

Matt C.

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