Best Morning Routine

This is how you should start your morning every day. F'ing around. I can't take myself serious here, but I'm definitely ready for a magazine cover.

But lets talk morning routine. Start your day with:

  • 5 shots of apple cider vinegar

  • stretch by grabbing ankle and pointing anus to the sun

  • speed read 100 pages in 4 minutes

  • Meditate with eyes wide open staring in the mirror for 10 minutes

That will guarantee absolutely nothing.

Nothing will guarantee anything. I'm not saying morning routines are garbage.

I do one everyday.

And I have tried very self help guru, professional development book out there, each with their own proven strategy.

That's also the thing, they are proven; for them. And many others who have read and applied it.

But that doesn't mean that its right for you.

It also doesn't mean you're broken if it doesn't for you.

I would think that I'm simply incapable of doing things because I couldn't stick to the routine the laid out. Then I started taking the advice I give my clients in their nutrition and fitness; find what works for YOU.

So I began applying the things I was able to commit to and gradually developed my own routine. Will this work for you?

It depends. Try it, see if you like it; if you can stick with it, then make it your own.

We're all individuals, and things like your morning routine depends on you. I think there are staples like movement, hydrate, gratitude and positive. So my morning routine involves the following:

  • hydrate with a glass of water ( cold water for me)

  • stretch ( Childs pose, cat to camel, worlds greatest stretch, inchworms )

  • motivation ( you tube motivational video)

  • journal ( gratitude, thoughts, etc.)

  • start working while junior is sleeping

Again this is what has worked for me. Find one that works for you and make it a habit and watch your days get better and more productive. Hope that helps... and gave you a laugh. Don't forget to do more of what you love with who you love because its our one shot at life.

Peace, love & fitness, Matty C.

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