Big Wins!!

It's always good to share wins. One of the first things we do on all coaching calls is go over the week or month that was and discuss wins. It so important to review and remind ourselves of what went well.

It's easy to talk about everything that didn't work or what we didn't do.

And we're reluctant to express our wins, or acknowledge the little things that we did. Remember its the little things done frequently that add up to the big, major wins that we are after.

And one huge win for me last week had to do with the previous blogs about the struggles. That win was overcoming them, not giving up and landing two clients while reminding myself of all that we do have going for us.

Overcoming is winning. Gaining new clients is winning.

It's not life changing, but doing just those two things every week or month will lead to bigger gains moving forward.


This post is to remind you to celebrate what went well, what you did right, and what progress you made, no matter how small you may think it is.

What wins did you have last week?

Peace, love & fitness,

Matty C.

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