Client Feature

My Momma


There’s no-one like your mother.

And that even goes if she’s a client.

My mom, obviously, has been with me since I started in my basement.

She’s a nurse/nurse manager, mother, grandmother, wife and sister and so much more. Beyond her daily job duties, she’s on call 24/7 for every family member and friend who has a health issue.

It NEVER ends for her.

On top of that she’s the main caregiver for our 93 grandfather who lives on her couch. All while having a party or even causal get-together ( for our family is about 20) almost every weekend. Oh and yeah she watches her grandkids every week. And somehow finds time to cook meals @home, 7 days a week ( maybe they order out on a Friday.)

Yet she still comes to the gym 2-3 days per week. (Even cooking dinners on the night she works out and breakfast and coffee on Saturdays after workout.)

It’s like she’s not human. She’ll say she’s too old for things, but she does every exercise, working through pain and discomfort (within reason) to make sure she keeps herself healthy and fit. An inspiration on so many levels. I can’t help but provide my mother as an example for any person who says, “I don’t have time to exercise.”

I can guarantee that person ( or any person for that matter) doesn’t do a fraction of what my mother does. Im not saying this because she’s my mother either; ask anyone who knows my mom, they’ll say the same.

And she’ll tell you she loves her family, thats why she does what she does. There’s not anyone like her; in our family, or in our gym. Client of the Decade.

I love you mom!!