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Don’t you dare!!!

You keep the foot on the gas pedal. You’ve completed a challenge or program. You lost a few pounds and are feeling pretty good. But now you can’t wait to eat the burger, have the pizza or get at some ice cream.

Don’t you dare. I know the feeling. Every time I stopped using and thought I deserved a night out or whatever, it came back to haunt me. Different scenario, same struggle. We took our foot off the pedal.

No food should be off limits in any program.

Food isn’t bad and shouldn’t be treated as such.

Thats for another post.

What I am talking about it complacency. I was listening to Andy Frisella’s podcast and he mentioned that there are two kinds of people.

Those who achieve something and get comfortable. And those who never let up. That hit me, because I use to be the prior. I would achieve something and get lazy. Feel like I deserved a break.

It happened in all areas of my life. How we do anything is how we do everything.

It wasn’t until I got a coach to help see me though my bs. I am working with mentorships right now so that I don't let up. So I won’t get complacent. Some people look at me, my story and where I am now and think I have done well for myself. Not even close. I’m just getting started. Yes I am blessed with many beautiful things, people and relationships.

I’m grateful. But I’m not satisfied. And neither should you. The greats acknowledge their victory.

They don’t make light of their accomplishments.

What makes them great and their success last is that after they enjoy their victory, they get right back to work. Because they love the process. It’s the evolution they love. The better version of themselves they seek. Its progress. That’s what we’re all after. Progress is what makes us happy. Not money, things, or likes.

It’s the fact that we are becoming better toady than yesterday.

It’s fine to be either. I wasn’t always this way. I was after things. Now I just seek to be better. A better husband, father, son, trainer, business owner, friend, sibling, boss.

Now let me ask which type do you WANT to be?


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