Flip it, and reverse it.

It's true. I'm all over the place.

Or it seems that way lately.

If you're following the blogs, you may have been seeing some topics and discussions that contradict previous claims I've made into past.

Maybe you think I'm flip flopping all over.

I'm not though. Stick with me here.

It simply is me becoming more educated and researched on certain topics.

In the beginning of my fitness career, I was following what I was told. I thought they have been doing this longer, they must know what they're talking about.

So I sold it and preached certain things. They didn't make sense to me as someone who has trained his whole life, but I'm eager to learn.

And so thats what I did, and continue to do.

As I do that, I realize that certain things were purported to sell something.

Nothing wrong with selling, we're literally sold everyday.

But selling for the sake of selling a product, even when it's not true, well that I had a problem with. So I educated myself further, dug deeper and have a solid knowledge base of what's right (for now) and I'm doing what I can to help you understand so you can make good decisions for your health and fitness.

So yes, as of late I have reversed my take on food and even exercise.

But its because I've changed and grown, as well as the industry itself.

It's what happens, we evolve.

Or should anyway.

I've changed my stance on some things, doubled down on others.

For example, 6 meals a day is fine, but not necessary like I would have said years ago.

HIIT isn't bad, but its also not what many think, and shouldn't be your sole source of training.

And strength training is and will remain the fountain of youth in my humble opinion.

SO, just because someone of something has changed, doesn't mean its' bad.

In many ways it could have just evolved and grown.

It's my hope that you can change and grow as well, or lose (weight, if thats the goal).

Just keep an open mind, see for yourself, and don't be afraid to try something.

And don't be afraid to say something is bs or doesn't work.

This thing called life all about trial and error.

The more we try and err on, the better we understand life, and ourselves.

That's todays soap box.

Till tomorrow.

Do more of WHAT you love, with WHO you love. Peace, love & fitness,

Matty C.