Here's the best way to lose weight!!

Here's another best way to lose weight!

Listen up because this is sure to make to lose weight.

First thing you definitely want to do is cut out a specific food group.

Then you're going to want to randomly fast, not all the time, just a few times here and there.

And then you're going to want to double your water intake, then strategically deplete your water intake.

Thats correct, just sips here and there to get rid of dry mouth.

Sure way to lose weight.

And then put it right back on when you eat a normal meal to celebrate your 20 pound weight loss.

Yeah thats right, I took a shot at the one way that I advised people to lose weight on.

Because its wrong on so many levels.

First, carbs aren't the enemy, your overeating of them is.

Second, its also the type of carbs and amount you eat that is important. Third, fasting can work; when you fast regularly, not just randomly fasting. Fasting works for people because it restricts the time they have to eat, it's not a magic way of losing weight. Fourth, and most important water manipulation isn't a weight loss strategy, and its not healthy. In fact, it's only used for professionals looking to cut weight for a match ( think boxing or wrestling), body builders before getting stage ready, or maybe an actor getting super lean for a role. That's it.

No one else should use this water manipulation strategy.

Yet it's still being touted as a way to lose weight, and it's still fucking people up in the long term.

Not because they put the weight back on, but because it screws with their mind and their relationship with food.

It's wrong, and it's bullshit.

And yes I will have no problem going after those who pry on people solely to profit.

I'm here help people understand their nutritional needs, educate them on weight loss principles, improve their health through exercise and do it in a way that they can sustain forever.

Next time you see the flashy object on weight loss, ask how they do it, why, and what about after?

If you want to understand your body better, learn healthy eating habits and how to exercise for life; call me, message me, text me, or simply reply to this message.

Don't be too busy to do more of what you love, with who you love, cause this is our one life to live.

Peace, love & fitness, Matty C.

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