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Here we go again...

Ok, so here you go again. You've tried in the past.

You've done ok; seem some quick results.

And then things get stagnant.

You start to think you're doing something wrong.

It has to be you.

You're different.

It's not gonna work for you.

It's not meant to be.

At least for you.

I know this sequence, because I have gone through this sequence many times over.

I've tried to gain muscle and followed program that make promises;

Only to not see the results I wanted.

And then I go back to the sam old.

This even applies in my business life right now as I work to expand my reach and impact more lives.

I've tried numerous program that worked for so many, yet for me they fall short.

In reality, its me that has fallen short.

I accept that responsibility.

What I can't accept is not putting in the work.

Now hear me out. I am not saying you're not putting in the work.

But are you:

-following the damn instructions?

-making the sacrifices necessary?

-being honest with yourself?

-expecting too much too soon?

The latter is the point of the post.

We live in an "insta" gratification world.

We see others doing it; losing weight, making money, going on trips, etc.

And that's what we see in our feeds.

The problem is that isn't reality.

The reality is

-quietly doing the work when no one is watching;

-Sticking to your nutrition when everyone around is indulging;

-actually resting your body for recovery;

-being honest about everything going into your body.

-and doing things CONSISTENTLY.

There's nothing wrong with you.

You're not different.

I'm not different.

You're just a little too hard on yourself.

And you're also focusing on the wrong things.

The result will come if you stay consistent in your pursuit.

Understand that what may have taken years can't be undone in weeks, or even months.

The same way people don't make millions in weeks or months, but rather years of hard work.

If you're working on you, I urge you to keep going. Don't stop just because you're not seeing results you expected.

Keep pushing toward your goal. Commit to the process.

You got this.


Peace, love & fitness,

Matt C.

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