How do you do it..

I get it a lot from people.

How do I stay lean?

"You don't not eat that stuff ( pizza, ice cream, etc.)." Actually it's the complete opposite.

I eat the same "guilty pleasure" foods you do. I love pizza, pasta, ice cream and the occasional sweets. They'r just not what I eat all day. Also, I don't look like this all the time. When I am on point with my nutrition, being mindful at meal time and tracking, I get into great shape. The other times, I'm in shape. I go "ham" some weekends and go completely off the rails. But there are a few things Im fortunate with:

I have been active my entire life, weight trained for more than 25 years of my 40 years on the planet. So having lean muscle has helped me with an efficient metabolism.

I've been blessed with decent genetics.

I neve have allowed myself, amidst any drug or alcohol abuse, to get overweight, so I have maintained a level of lean muscle that is conducive to a healthy metabolism.

But I am by no means where I want to be. I want to live at and around 10% body fat. So I have some work to do.

I say all this not to brag or boast, because its nothing to brag about. I say it because the holidays are here. Get togethers and barbecues, alcohol and good times are plentiful this weekend. So how do I do it, I get asked. I practice moderation. I know that I'm going to indulging this weekend. And I'm ok with it. But I'll make sure that I get some activity in, be it exercising, walking or yard work.

I'll try to balance my carb choices with a protein.

I'll keep my alcohol intake to a few social drinks, rather than the binge drinking I was used to.

I'll keep in mind my why, and what's more important. For me its my health, how I'll feel tomorrow and what effect it has long term.

Those weren't always thoughts and choices I'd make.

But I'm more committed to my health and my family than anything, so my decisions are based on that more than just having a "good time."

My point? You can have a "good time," eat foods you enjoy, socially drink and not sabotage all the progress you've made.

Remember, it's about a healthy LIFESTYLE, not just a number on the scale. Have a blessed weekend. Enjoy your friends and family. Remember the independence we have.

Be grateful. Have fun. Then get back at it on Tuesday. Peace, love and fitness,

Matt C.