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I did it "For The Gram!"

I did it for the “gram”!

Have you ever done something because of how you would look? Have you tried to get in shape so that you can look good?

I didn’t start working out to look good, I started working out so that I could stick up for myself. Then it was athletics. Then it was to pick up chicks.

Then life got in the way. So did the excuses. Work got in the way. Got a girlfriend.

Didn’t have to impress anyone anymore. Reasons I had before were gone and the excuses on why I couldn’t piled up.

Then I hit my mid 30’s & things started to bother me. I understood more of what my father said about “wait till you hit 30.”

In our 20’s we can rebound from anything. In our 30’s, 40’s and beyond that is increasingly more difficult.

It takes longer to recover from anything; physical activity, a long day, a night out. It takes its toll.

ANd it only gets harder. Unless it is a habit. Unless you make it a part of your routine.

What used to be done for aesthetics is now done for longevity.

I watched my grandparents age, and unfortunately not gracefully.

They got older, slower and just tired. I thought what if?

What if they exercised more?

How many more quality years could they have?

Would they still be here and know our son Matthew?

This was major reasons I got back in to fitness and made it my passion.

This isn’t about flexing or six packs anymore.

It’s rewarding when you work towards something.

But it’s about being able to do things I did in my 20’s into my 70’s, 80’s and beyond. It’s about giving myself the best chance for a long healthy life.

Misfortune and death can occur at anytime to anyone.

One thing is for sure, the healthier we are, the better chance we have to overcome.

The more lean muscle we have:

  • the lower risk of injury

  • improved posture

  • protection for bones

  • stronger immune system

We get one life and I want to enjoy it long as I can. I want to watch my son grow, see him get married, succeed & have kids of his own.

I want to an active part of his life and his kids lives.

But that’s the key word. ACTIVE.

What was “for the gram” is more like, “for my future.”

For my health. For my longevity. And ultimately, for my legacy.


Matt C.

#health #fitness #longevity #legacy

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