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I'm A Mess!!

There, I said it. I often here clients say that about their life, health or. nutrition.

Some times about everything. I know the feeling.

I'm a mess in some ways as well. Shit we all are in some way shape or form.

The influencer who seems to have it all, can actually be broke. The millionaire business owner can see very little of his kids.

The fitness model can have terrible relationships because of their obsession with their physique.

If we're a mess in one area of our life it can be because we are excelling in another area.

For me, I believeI am excelling as a father, but that has taken some focus off of my business as well as being a husband.

So yes I am a mess.

And I plan on fixing that by taking "messy action."

I'm in a coaching group that uses that term and it has stuck with me.

We often claim being a "perfectionist" as our reason we haven't done something.

We want it to be "perfect."

We want it to be great. There's nothing wrong with wanting things to look good and having pride in your work.

The trouble is that often leads to us not doing the thing or taking action. We don't want to risk not looking polished or fluent in something.

But in order to be great, you have to be good first. To be good, you have to have been ok.

To be ok, you have to have been not so good at something.

To be great , you have to be ok with looking bad first.

The only way to know something works is to try it. If you fail, that's feedback.

In your health & fitness, you just have to start. Start moving more, go for walks, then start exercising.

And ask for help.

Done poorly is better than not being done at all.

Any exercise is better than the person not doing anything.

I'm taking messy action on the things that will eventually allow me to make more of an impact.

It may not look pretty at first, but it will eventually look great.

Take messy action on improving your nutrition.

Take messy action learning how to exercise.

Take messy action moving more throughout your day.

Just do something.

It's better than nothing. I am learning this right now.

If this helps & you need any help getting your health, fitness or nutrition started, DM me.

Peace, love & fitness,

Matt C.

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