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It's not meant to be..

The MINDSET you need to “lose weight.”

Most people focus on HOW and not the MINDSET needed to fuel the how. You can have the best laid directions or instruction to get you to your goal weight. You can have the macro’s. You can download the program. But without the proper mindset, it all goes for naught. Something comes up, kids get sick, work takes longer and you find yourself skipping the gym and going off your nutrition.

And once in a while is ok.

Then the mindset you have tells you “you’re

Just too busy or too old for this.”

What I’ve seen NOT work is this exact scenario when clients have not developed the right mindset. They say things like, “It’s always something.”

Or “I’ll just never look like that again.” And maybe you won’t look like you’re 18 again.

That’s because your body has matured. But that doesn’t mean that with the proper mindset, plan and accountability you can’t look lean, strong and fit. This happened to a client of mine who had continually bought into the previous mindsets. But once we got CLEAR on how his MINDSET was sabotaging hime we began to use GRATITUDES and improved SELF TALK which has dramatically improved his results. He’s now closer to his personal health and fitness goals and doesn’t get derailed as he did in the past. STOP thinking “this is how it is” and START thinking “I’m working harder each day” to reach your ultimate goals. Every single thing begin and end with a single thought. Are you thinking, “I’m just too busy right now?”

Or maybe you’re thinking “ this is just how it is when you get older?”

Or Would you rather think “I’m taking back control of my health” and let it get you closer to reaching your goal? If I can help you shift your mindset, or you know someone who needs some help shifting their train of thought, reply and I'd love to help!

Peace, love & fitness, Matt C.

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