It's Time!

This is the time.

The only better time was yesterday.

The next best time is today.

Its Monday, fresh start of the week.

Put the past weeks, months even years behind you.

And press on.

Do something different.

Do something uncomfortable.

Challenge yourself to do better.

Challenge yourself to be better.

Challenge yourself to LIVE better.

It won't be easy, but it will be worth it.

It won't always go right, but it'll get better.

It won't seem as though you're making progress, but if you hold on long enough, you'll realize the fruits of your labor.

It's time to make the shift that can transform your entire life.

I am making it myself.

I am reminding myself of my worth, and telling myself I am worthy.

I am reassuring myself that I will succeed.

I am committing to doing one thing each day that is uncomfortable.

If I can do that, one single item each day that is uncomfortable, I will win that day.

And that is all its about.

It's not about the losses, its about those small wins.

So go out and win the fucking day.

Start now!

And if I can help in any way, reach out! Go do more of what you love, with who you love, because we get to live this life once.

Make it great. make it beautiful.

And make it

Peace, love & fitness, Matty C.

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