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Just The Tip..

Just The Tip….Fitness tips that is..:-)

10-15 minutes of JR training, our jump rope has significant impact of your health and fitness.

Simply 10-15 minutes of JR will:

  • aid in calories burned -equivalent to running an 8 minute mile

  • improves coordination - enhances general motor coordination & balance

  • improved cardiovascular health- improves CVD risk factors, improves systolic BP & more

  • improved BMD (bone mineral density) - even slight impact creates force on the bones which in turn makes them stronger

  • improved arch stiffness - the continuous flexion and extension of the foot, toes and ankle help stiffness in the arches

  • reduce risk of injury - requires the entire body moving in alignment

  • improves breathing - jumping rope will help you develop more rhythmic breath rate improving the flow oxygen in and out of the lungs

Jumping rope has an average burn rate of 1000 calories/ hour. Incorporating 5-15 minutes a few times per week is one of the safest most effective forms of exercise that can affect both the mind and body.

TMYK - The More You Know!!

Spread the word and share the wealth of knowledge and let’s all live happier, healthier lives!!!


Matt C

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