Love & Forgive

I love and forgive myself often.

Because its necessary. It wasn't always like that. I would be so hard on myself when I screwed up or made mistakes.

It was the end of the world. I was so stupid, or such an idiot.

That's all I do is screw up. I'm never gonna learn.

And on and on with that kind of negative, self deprecating talk.

It never did do me any good. All it did was perpetuate more negativity toward myself.

It's not to say that that doesn't creep in out of habits developed over years, but I am on that negativity, disposing of it before it has time to take up space in my head.

It took time, patience and many rock bottoms before figuring that it didn't serve me, my goals or my dreams. So I worked hard as fuck to change it. And I can honestly say that I have. Now I forgive myself, and I do it often.

By doing so, it allows a few things;

- it allows me to see my mistake for what it was, a mistake.

- I can then see why for what led me to it.

- I can remind myself that I'm human.

- I can then think of ways to ensure I don't do the same thing again.

- I can grow from the experience.

And this goes for:

- my personal life

- my relationships

- my health

- my nutrition

- my fitness

- my business

- even my faith

It translates to all areas of my life, so that I can continuously work on being the best version of me, so that I can impact as many lives as I possibly can.

So todays motivation is to remind yourself to be kind; to yourself.

Learn to forgive yourself .

And always remember to do more of what you love, with who you love, because this is our one life to live.

Peace, love & fitness,

Matty C.