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Love is ALL we Need!

Love IS all we need.

Last weeks blog was simply about starting and not putting things off. And while this is all about that four letter word, it carries over from last week, with the idea of not putting off. But we're not talking about putting a thing off. Instead I am talking about not putting a verb off. That verb is LOVE. Love is often referred to as a noun ( thank you @jayshetty).

But today is was put to me in the context of what it really is, a verb.

Love should be expressed and applied as a verb, the act of loving. Not to love your spouse, kids, parents, family, or even your career, health and fitness.

Instead express it in the act of loving. Don't love your wife, show your wife love everyday. Don't tell your kids you love them, show them how you love them.

Don't call your parents and say "I love you," rather go see them and show them how much you love them.

Don't say I love my job, show your clients, boss and coworkers you love your work by being happy, positive and thoughtful.

It is not enough to love, we must express and imply love, daily.

The act of loving is different that statement of love.

And one can not truly love another, until they learn to love themselves.

We cannot give what we do not have.

If we aren't continually loving who we are, it will be very hard to continually be loving the other people and things in our life.

Showing love to ourselves means to take care of our body and mind. We love our children, our spouse and our family, and we must take the same time and care to love ourselves.

So today show your love to significant other.

Show your love to you kids.

Show your love to your parents if you still have them here with you.

Show your friends you love them.

Show your boss, coworkers and colleagues you love what you do.

And most importantly show yourself you love yourself by taking care of your mind, body and spirit. If that is an area of your life that aren't showing love to, you can start today.

It's your one and only.

There's only one of you.

Love all of you!

And then watch your loving of others important to you in your life begin to flourish even more.

LOVE IS all we need.

Peace, love & fitness,

Matt C.

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