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Please allow me to introduce....

This is my absolute special someone. My wife. I write a lot about our beautiful son Matthew.

And he is the absolute light of our life.

But my wife is the difference maker in my life.

We met in the most unconventional of ways, me being her boss and in other relationships at the time.

After years of her not noticing me, something clicked and she began showing an interest in me.

The rest is far from history.

I was 10 years older than her and I came with a great deal of baggage.

She actually came into my life when I was trying hard to figure out who I was and struggling with depression and my drug and alcohol abuse.

I didn’t come home some nights.

I’d left her alone on a NYC trip to go get blasted.

I left her outside my apartment in the freezing cold of December.

Most would have left and not put up with my antics.

For some reason, she believed in me. She saw beyond the drugs, the explosions of rage, and the relationship faults I had.

But it was about 14 months into our relationship when her dad lost his long battle with cancer that we really grew together. I couldn’t leave her side and our bond became unbreakable. It only got stronger when I lost 4 very close family members in less than 12 months and she was right alongside me.

On top of all that, finding myself meant me leaving everyone and everything I knew behind to figure myself out. Leaving a great job and career behind, buying a house and starting my own coaching business was a lot. And I struggled to get things going. Went through my retirement savings, was without income for a while, facing failure and bouts of depression, she stood by my side.

I’m simply not here without her. My family is strong, loving and caring.

But they’re family. She could’ve left at any moment. She didn’t.

She doesn’t only make me better. She makes the world a better place.

She gives so much effort and energy helping others in her career and still comes home and ready to give her all to our son and me.

It’s not all sunshine & rainbows, but we always seek the sunshine in each other and look for the rainbows in our life.

You’re special to everyone.

You’re everything to me.

Who is your special someone??

Go out of your way and tell them how much they mean to you.

Peace, love, & fitness,

Matt C.

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