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Problem Solved!!

I promised you a SOLUTION…

Stress is problem for all of us.

It can sometimes paralyze us from taking action or doing things we know we need to do.

It used to cripple me for days, weeks or months.

Today it stays with me for minutes or a day, the longest before I break out of it.

True to yesterdays blog, I have some solutions for stress, and more specifically, stress eating. Thanks to the folks at Precision Nutrition, here are tried and true solutions to help combat stress eating.

Try one or all of the follow tactics to quell the desire to eat to cope.

  • Take 3 slow deep breaths

  • Close your mouth, breathe through your nose and rest your tongue on the bottom of your mouth (relaxes your jaw)

  • Put your phone down/away for 5 minutes

  • Journal/write down your thoughts and feelings

  • Write down 3 things you’re grateful for in life

  • Drink a glass of water

  • Listen to a song you love (one that usually puts you in a good mood)

  • Do some quick house work/ chores to occupy the mind

  • Pet/ play with your animal / stress ball, draw or color something

  • Meditate for 5 -10 minutes

Start with only 1-2 of the items first. If you find yourself still resorting to your typical coping mechanism, ie eating, then run through more items on the list. When you fell stressed, use these tips and ideally take 15 minutes to complete them.

Feel free to also include items that align with your specific values. This will also ensure the likelihood of following through on your list and increase your ability to handle the stress.

Give these a try next time you're stressed.

If after you try these for roughly 10-15 minutes and you still feel the need to eat something, by all means, you can. But by then the impulse/urge should pass and you’ve effectively dealt with the stress and are well on your way to coping with whatever life wants to throw at you.

I hope this helps. Please share this with as many people as you think may benefit from these in their own life.

Peace, love & fitness,

Matt C.

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