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See you at the Crossroads....

One thing I try to be is transparent. With my family, with my wife, with my clients and my followers.

So to say the struggle is real. It is. Being an entrepreneur is tough. But like so much else in life, we can often make it tougher than it is.

We are our own worst enemies.

And I am undoubtedly my own.

I don't need any help when I can belittle myself with the best of them.

I'm hard on myself. And I accept responsibility for everything that happens in my life.

Where I am is a direct result of my efforts.

And sorry to say yours are too.

That's life. That's the reality too often we don't want to face.

We inadvertently blame others.

Our boss.

Our spouse.

Our parents.

Our upbringing.

The government.


Taxes. The list certainly goes on.

The reality is its not what, its how. It's not WHAT happened to you, it's HOW YOU reacted to it.

What happens to everyone, but how each person reacts and responds is what separates.

After talking to many in the industry, what is supposed to be our season, hasn't been as plentiful as it has been in the past.

And that has been the case with my business. After sinking all I could leverage to improve the experience, raise the standard and take things to another level, the immediate response has not been overwhelming.

In fact, its been the exact opposite.

Just because I built it, doesn't mean they'll come.

I've managed to lose a few clients over the past few months, the costs of doing business are much greater and the stress is much higher.

The WHAT has happened.

That is when the crossroads appear.

With every WHAT, comes a decision, a crossroads if you will. Will you let that what cripple you, bring you down and defeat you?

Or will you take that "what", accept it, learn from it, and improve from it?

If you've followed me long enough, you know I'm a stubborn SOB and that I'll never give up.

I'll take my lumps ( I've taken so many already), but a white flag will not rise. I will. One way or another I will. And the same goes for you and your what's. Be it your fitness, your health, your nutrition, your job, your relationships.

Things are going to happen. They happen to all of us. But how are you going to respond?

More importantly, who do you have to help you? I don't get through this on my own. I have a large support system when needed; a great wife, a coach and an inspiration to keep me going. If you're going through some "what's" right now, I encourage you to keep pressing through and figure out "how" you can come out on top.

And if you're enduring one of those "what's".....

I'm here.

and I'll meet you at the crossroads.

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