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Shredding ain't easy..

Shredding ain't easy…

Getting ripped certainly ain't easy.

And neither is shredding.

Shredding papers that is.

Maybe you’re thinking WTF right now. “Has he lost his mind?”

Maybe. That’s beside the point.

It’ll make sense. I recently cleaned out the home office and that meant the file cabinet.

Now we have apps to scan documents or e-statements.

Not in 2003. You had to file them.

Well I had accumulated papers all the way from 2003, over 18 years.

Unless you have access to your company’s “shredd-it” service, you use a paper shredder to get rid of those once important papers taking up space. I know the feeling. There’s really no use for them, but you don’t want just throw out papers with your personal information. So they pile up; for years, even decades.

Until that one day you have to get rid of them. So that’s what I did, compiling enough to fill large “chewy” box that our dog food comes in.

Figuring I’ll just shred it and be done with it.

“Shouldn’t take me too long.” While I was doing this it reminded me of the struggle to lose weight, get healthy, or lean out. It sucks. It takes so long.

We want it gone yesterday, or at the latest in a few weeks or months. Sure I can just douse it with gasoline and light it on fire , but that certainly has its set backs and could cause a lot of damage.

But the real only way to do it is to take few sheets (6-11 depending own your shredder) at a time. What I though would be done in an hour or two, has taken small doses of 30 minutes at a time, for over a week now.

Why would I think that something that took almost 2 decades to acquire could be erased in a short amount of time.

The same applies to our health. Once we finally are ready to take control of our health, we want it to be solved immediately. We want our fat to be gone, to move pain free and feel great right away.

The same way I can’t expect to shred 2 decades worth of documents, we can’t expect to undue what took decades to accumulate.

It takes time.

A little bit over a long time work wonders.

Sometimes I have to stop the shredder because it overheats, and sometimes we have to take a step back to recover so we can continue to pursue our goal of getting healthier.

What took years to come to will never take days, weeks or months to correct.

But with small actions, the right strategy, and commitment you CAN achieve all your health goals. And with 10-20 minutes of shredding, I can rid myself of decades worth of papers I never needed to hold on to for so long. It’s relative for sure.

Maybe you can relate.

Peace, love & fitness, Matt C.

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