The Most Effective Way To Lose Fat...

So what you're going to want to do for surefire ways to lose fat is:

  • Drink this detox drink

  • Sleep for only a few hours

  • Be so busy you forget to eat

  • Binge eat as soon as you get home on snacks

  • Eat a salad

  • Then treat yourself to 3 glasses of wine ( or beers) because it was a rough day

  • Finish it off with a low cal dessert

If you haven't guessed it, this is a joke. A parody on what actually happens more often than not.

Maybe you don't do all of them, but I'd guarantee that if you're trying to lose weight, you have done at least one or more of them on a daily basis.

Now there's nothing wrong with eating a salad, or having a glass of wine, or even a low cal dessert.

But the above mentioned ways are what happens when you restrict or give up things you love.

It's why I am such a big proponent of lifestyle change, tracking and macros, and enjoying the things you love.

But it's much harder than cutting out carbs or fats for 6 weeks, or eliminating meats, or drinking a detox drink to lose weight.

Sure they work, but they don't last.

And last time I asked someone, they never said. "yes, I'd love to lose that weight and put it back on and then some."

Thank you, may I have another.

What I will give you though is the most effective way to lose fat.......

It's called.... Energy Balance.

That's right, balancing the calories you take in with the goal you are after, be it weight loss or muscle gain.

It's simple, not easy or sexy. But its what works....EVERY Single Time.

If you want to understand more about energy balance, reply to the email, message or DM me and I'll be happy to go over in more detail.

Or even discuss in another post. Till next episode..

Peace, love and fitness, Matt C.