Why taking action creates success

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

We all want it. You'd be hard pressed to find some that wants to be unsuccessful. And if you did, they'd be lying.

We have an innate desire to be successful in some capacity.

Whether its king of the jungle, leader of the pack or the best of best, no one strives to be the worst.

The reality is that not every is a success. But in fact, what is success?

I'll get more into what success really is, what it means and who says so in another blog, but for the sake of this post, we'll say that it has to do with achieving something, be it a goal, task or place in life.

I've spent a good part of my life going after this thing called success. And for much of that time I didn't realize the critical component, action. Action is the catalyst for success; it needs it like we need air. Action breathes life into success. It's vital for it.

And like a lot of other things in life, when you do it, it breeds more of itself. Action not only is critical for success it is also necessary for happiness. Also spending much of my adult years seeking the illustrious thing called happiness, I found that I was happiest when I was doing, and the least happy when I wasn't doing. I was even less happy when I would tell myself or others that I was going to do something, had all intentions to, and "something" came up. That something was usually fear, doubt, worry, or other life sucking excuses.

Taking action, however, cured everything. The smallest amount of action could create momentum. And in turn that momentum would multiply into better moods, more productivity and an overall upbeat sense of self.

Action provides the snowball effect leading to the elusive thing called success.

Action breeds, manifest, produces and creates. Inaction destroys, cripples, suffocates and destroys it.

Certainly there are many more components that help make one successful, not in my eyes, not one is more important than taking action.

The top leadership "gurus" or experts will all talk about taking "massive action."

The men and women lead their respective industries and in some sense, the world.

They have knowledge, wealth, power and happiness and all oIf it stemmed from taking action, often times, massive action.

If your stuck in life, a career, a relationship, a project or anything of the sort, try taking action, now. Even the smallest snowball can create a massive avalanche. And the smallest step could be the one that propels you forward in your endeavor. One thing is certain, taking no action will leave you exactly where you are now, and cause you to be further behind in the future.

So do that thing you've been meaning to do, it may move you forward, just might make you happy, and could even make you, a success.

Till next time, live your life in abundance, and peace & love.


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